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Blue Skies

Discover the Joy of Social and Community Participation with Australian Epic Health Services!

At Australian Epic Health Services, we are passionate about supporting and assisting you to fully engage in the community and indulge in activities that bring you joy. Whether you prefer group outings, one-on-one adventures with a friend, or individual experiences, we have you covered. Our Social and Community Participation services are designed to make sure your social activities are not only enjoyable but also empowering.


Explore, Learn, and Connect:


Venturing out into the community opens up a world of possibilities. Our expert team will support you in learning new skills, such as confidently using public transport, exploring new places, and making new friends. Most importantly, our services are tailored to help you do the things you love and enjoy, ensuring each experience is memorable and fulfilling.


Funding Options for Your Convenience:


You can access our Social and Community Participation services through the following funding options in your NDIS plan:


- Core: Assistance with Social & Community Participation

- Capacity Building: Increased Social & Community Participation


Your Choice, Your Way:


We believe in putting you in control of your experiences. With Australian Epic Health Services, you can access our Social and Community Participation services in the comfort of your own home, at our hub, or venture out into the community—whatever suits your preferences and needs best.


Endless Possibilities Await:


The list of activities you can enjoy is limitless. Some popular options include:


- Joining a social group

- Embarking on a holiday

- Dining out at restaurants

- Day trips to the zoo or aquarium

- Attending movies, concerts, or theater performances

- Visiting the gym or attending sporting events

- Participating in community events and festivals

- Spending quality time at a friend's house

- Joining clubs of interest

- Enrolling in exciting courses


Your Journey Starts Here:


Are you ready to enrich your life and experience the joys of social and community engagement? Let Australian Epic Health Services be your trusted partner on this incredible Journey. We are committed to providing exceptional support that aligns with your unique preferences and aspirations.

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