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Discover the Freedom of Supported Independent Living (SIL)!

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is designed to empower individuals with higher support needs to live comfortably and confidently within the comfort of their own homes. At AEHS, we provide exceptional SIL support services tailored to your unique requirements, enabling you to enjoy life to the fullest.


What Does SIL Include?


Our dedicated support workers are here to assist you with a wide range of daily activities, ensuring you have the necessary help and supervision to enhance your independence. SIL can encompass various areas, such as personal care, cleaning, physical support, cooking, and more, depending on your specific needs.


Flexible Funding for Your Needs:


At AEHS, we understand that your SIL funding should be centred around your needs, not your housing model. Whether you live independently, with others, or in Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), our support services are designed to cater to your individual requirements.


Who Can Benefit from SIL?


SIL is best suited for NDIS participants with higher support needs, those requiring overnight support, 24/7 care, person-to-person assistance, or substantial help throughout the day. It is available for individuals living alone or in shared homes, providing an opportunity to be independent, forge friendships, and relish life while receiving the support they need.


Our Comprehensive SIL Support Services:


At AEHS, we offer a comprehensive array of SIL support services, including:


- Assistance with daily activities

- Personal care tasks

- Capacity building tasks

- Household tasks, including cleaning, laundry, and meal preparation

- High Intensity/Complex Supports, including registered nurse supports

- Medication administration

- Support for medical appointments

- Community participation, facilitating access to various activities

- Travel and transportation assistance

- Behaviour support and skill development

- Social support


Let Us Help You Embrace SIL:


If you would like to know more about Supported Independent Living (SIL), eligibility criteria, funding details, or how to obtain these services, our team is here to assist you. We strive to provide the guidance and support you need to live as independently as possible and make the most of life.


Reach out to us today to discover the freedom and possibilities that SIL can bring to your life!

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